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ConvergeCon Presents: Beauty & Perspective

Social and personal definitions can effect everything from who we date, to how much we earn at a corporate job, to how a doctor will treat us when we'll ill. Those not seen as beautiful by those standards are all too often deemed non-sexual or second rate. And those who fit the standards are generally over-sexualized and have challenges being seen as a whole individual. We explore the challenges and strictures of beautism as it impacts self-expression across racial, ableist, sizeist and age divides and share personal experiences and insights from different perspectives.

Hosted by: Cathy Vartuli, Shadeen Francis, Jet Noire, and Irene Leonis

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About the event: Converge Con is a conference that originated with a desire to build sex positive communities, and start a dialogue around sexuality, relationships and activism. It is produced by the Vancouver Sex Positive Society.